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. 66 in manassas. look at the radar from last night. you can see the showers, isolated ones coming in northwest to southeast. we've got here into fairfax county now into prince william and fauquier county. between pittsburgh and cumberland. we'll see if any will get here in the next three hours or so. another chance of storms this afternoon. here's angie goff with your timesaver traffic. >> good tuesday morning, everybody. thank you so much, howard. we're halfway through the 4:00 hour. yellow light is on. early this morning, we're waking up to some emergency roadwork. we take you out to southeast d.c. where the set-up is on pennsylvania avenue between southern avenue and fort davis. we're hearing they'll keep the road closed, do the roadwork until 9:00 this morning. moving over to 395, everything is clear as you can see from the live picture here from the 14th street bridge. shift it over to 66. headed eastbound, everything is great out of haymarket. maryland, 270, smooth sailing from 80 past germantown road down to the split. 95, we do have construction in both directions. northbo
. so another hot and humid day. right now temperatures in the mid-90s here in downtown. manassas 93 degrees. it feels like 99 here in dc. 101 manassas. 110 in culpeper. very uncomfortable for lots of folks. take it easy tonight if you're going to be outside. especially through tomorrow. >> i'm andrea mccarren down on the national mall where i learned firsthand how the heat can affect even a healthy person. we met captain nicole norris after we had been in and out of the sun for about an hour. so my blood pressure was already up a bit. 110/68. my heart rate 96. >> even healthy people with no illnesses can have severe effects. >> reporter: i walked down to the mall. about a six block walk. during this experiment i did not drink water. and then we recheckedded my vital signs. in a matter of minutes my blood pressure spiked to 147/87. from an earlier rate of 110 over 68. my heart rate jumped from 96 to 112. >> 96 is a normal heart rate. anything between 60 and 100 is considered normal. anything over 100 we consider fast. >> reporter: i'm kristin fisher outside the clairton metro. they
in gaithersburg. let's look at manassas. that is east-southeast and it may be producing small hail. for folks around culpeper county this is the boundary of those leftover storms from last night. i think a lot of this will be missing. it will be a summary weekend. >>> last night storms caused a major -- cause major damage. this home video which you will only see on abc7, caused a fire near the church of god camp in manassas. neighbors and parishioners watched as the fast-moving flames tore through the sanctuary. no one was hurt the been the congregation's -- no one was hurt. the conservation we'll rebuild the historic site. >>> today, a federal judge approved a request to formally dismissed all criminal charges against osama bin laden. this just weeks after u.s. navy seals killed bin laden in a compound in pakistan. he was first wanted in june 1988 -- 1998 in connection with terrorist attacks on u.s. embassies in africa. >>> see why ups is taking security issues. >> also, the brakes on a popular form of mortgage for older americans. >> and coming up, anthony weiner resigned for admitted wrong
. >> reporter: good morning. if your going to hit the rails no better place to do it than in manassas where we are live and they are celebrating their railway history as they gear up for the annual manassas heritage railway festival going on this weekend. coming up, we're talking all about the importance of this history and how you can come down and get on board yourself. it's all live later. stay with us. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable? here's what you should be watching: your cable bill. because you could be paying way too much. stop spending more for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year. call now and get this special bonus: $100 back. but hurry. this offer ends soon. fios is a 100% fiber-optic network that delivers superior picture quality, more hd, plus the fastest internet in the u.s., with no term contract required. why keep paying for cable? get fios tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year. plus $100 back. don't wait. this incredible offer ends soon. call 1.888.884.fios. call the verizon cente
in the mid 40s from manassas. 46 in washington. 45 in martinsburg. that's why it feels so much better outside. now, i'll let you know how long this trend lasts with a break from the heat before it warms back up coming up later. j.c.? >> all right, thank you very much, anny. >> deadly destruction in massachusetts today after at least two tornadoes hit the central part of the state. the twisters killed four people and injured dozens more. schools are closed and residents are being told to stay off roads as crews investigate the damage and begin the cleanup process. the governor has declared a state of emergency. >> rebuild. we're going to rebuild together because we're all in this together. >> this is the worst tornado to hit central massachusetts since 1953. >>> an investigation is underway into a deadly house fire in frederick, maryland. one person died at a home in the 800 block of east south street. firefighters found the victim on the second floor. two other people in the home were taken to a nearby hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. >>> in d.c., police are looking for suspects in
of manassas. slower traffic will occur as you make your way past centreville and again 50 to 123. no accidents on the beltway. congested from braddock to 66. outer loop is slow 95 to georgia. and route 4 and 5 incident free toward the beltway. south capital street toward 395 and the outbound 14th street bridge, multi vehicle accident causing an early merge. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> a developing story. a 12-year-old found dead in her own home. >> the disturbing discovery paid in the basement of a gaithersburg townhouse in the 700 block of raven avenue. audrey barnes has been following this from police head quarters in rockville. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison. police were dispatched to that house in the 700 block of raven avenue for what was described as a pediatric emergency. now once they got there, they found a 12-year-old girl unresponsive in the basement of the house and that's when what was described as a suspicious death was now being investigated as a homicide. so far detectives tell us they don't have a lot to go on. we stopped by the neighbo
of them was a 52-year-old gwendolyn demby, of manassas, a mother. >> it's very unfortunate. it's really sad. they are very sweet family. i cannot say enough good about them. correct the driver of the mazda 63-year-old eugene johnson was well known in manassas as a magician, a constant at many birthday parties. >> it is heartbreaking. i don't know what to say. i cannot believe it. he was a very nice guy. if family oriented guy. we used to see him walking up here sometimes. >> the second female victim has yet to be identified. paramedics took another male passenger to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries. live in palmer park this morning, courtney robinson. >>> we have a traffic alert for drivers in the district. some northeast streets are sat down today while pepco crews finish repairing the underground cables that have been blamed for last week's power outage. first street will be closed between land m. pierce street will be closed from the capital to first street. the curb lane of north capitol street is closed at l street. they are in effect today, but should be lifted later
and the beltway. . off the greenway on to road, which is quiet. >>> stonewall middle school in manassas is closed because inre's no air conditioning the building today. overnd a heated debate system's zero tolerance policy. schools' ideanty to crack down on bad behavior has parents human. meeting, the school is making major changes this morning. olabanji has the latest on that. >> good morning. a group of parents showed up last night, very vocal at the school board meeting. end, the school board their favor, voting to the zero tolerance policy, a policy that the parents said harsh. last night parents and students fairfaxoff to the school board. accused the schools of overreacting, transferring and ofelling students accused transgressions. >> we are concerned about some severals over the last in the school system. we want to make sure our kids fairly.ted >> if the family of nick killed himself after he and other forents were expelled alegal form of synthetic drug in school. >> it was the biggest mistake of life. for two months he was shot out school. this or our community will.ind the leaders who
live in manassas with the story. darcy? >> prince william county police do believe this was a tragic accident, but they're still trying to figure out how this little boy was forgotten about for seven hours. a tragedy unfolded in the driveway of this home on gentle shade drive in bristow friday afternoon. prince william county police say a two-year-old boy died after being left in the family minivan for seven hours, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. the boy has been identified as ryan murphy. he would have turned three next month. >> mother realized he was in there, and she discovered him, and called for help. >> from what we know right now, and it's still fairly early in the investigation, it appears it was an accident, but as far as nailing down a timeline and what happened throughout the day, we're still putting all that together. >> reporter: forecasters say temperatures got into the 80s friday. police say it would have been much hotter inside the van. >> are you thinking at this point that this is heat related, basically, from being left? >> it's a distinct possibility, yes. the medica
hours later. she never came back up. >>> signal bay water park in manassas is closed after an apparent chemical leak sickened a dozen children yesterday. we first told you about this last night. officials are investigating what went wrong and a technician we're told will look at the system this week. the park is set to reopen next weekend. >>> more photos of congressman anthony weiner are coming to light as more lawmakers call for his resignation, but weiner insists he's not throwing in the towel just yet. we have more for you. >> you don't often have key democrats and republicans appearing on the sunday talk shows and agreeing with each other, but many of them do agree that congressman anthony weiner should resign in the wake of an internet photo scandal. >> at the end of the day a member of congress makes their own decision and that's certainly going to be up to anthony weiner, but we have made clear that he needs to resign. he needs to focus on getting his own personal issues in order, focus on his family and do the right thing. >> this is a question of leadership. it always was. we
. stonewall middle school in manassas, virginia, will be closed today because they have no air-conditioning. >>> remember, abc 7 is your number one source for the heat related conditions and storm changes. for updates anytime, log on to wjla.com. >>> we are on storm watch all morning. in parts of connecticut, they're cleaning up damage left behind by severe storms that looked through last night. they caused flooding and knocked down trees and power lines. thousands of people lost power there. this church steeple was a casualty of severe storms in north carolina last night. strong winds blew it into a parking lot. the storms damaged homes and left thousands of people without power or there. no one was hurt. >>> it is a big blow to his 2012 election hopes. the entire top echelon of newt gingrich's presidential campaign has quit. the campaign manager along with several other senior aides resigned yesterday afternoon. they cited campaign differences. newt gingrich says that he is still running for president. >>> another republican contender might be ready to launch a white house bi
washington here. 105. manassas 105. fredericksburg to the south of us. 112 degrees. i hope you are inside where there is air-conditioning or at the pool. unofficially we did get to 99 degrees earlier. baltimore setting a new record. very hot day today. so tonight what can you expect? it will be mild and muggy. winds will be light. some changes coming this way. more details on that a little bit later. >> how quickly can this heat take a toll on you even if you're fit and healthy? andrea mccarren volunteered and put it to the test. she is live at the national mall with the results. so tell us. >> lesli, we started by talking my vitals including my heart rate and blood pressure. about 90/60. but even i was surprised at just how quickly i deteriorated in the heat of the day. >> reporter: with the help of the rescue squad we started with baseline stats. we kept captain nicole norris after being and out of the sun after about an hour so my blood pressure was already up a bit. 110/68. my heart rate was 96. >> even healthy people with no illnesses can have severe effects from weather.
about the heat wave first of all and what happened out in manassas. stonewall middle school closed today because the air conditioning is out. stonecall middle school in manassas, no school today as we get close to the end of the school year. >>> yesterday's brutal heat sent at least 15 students to the hospital. the students from calvert elementary and barstow elementary were attending an education and baseball day in waldorf. around noon, self children began for feel ill because of the, treatment heat. several other students were treat the on the scene for heat- related problems. >> let's check approximate julie and find out what is happening on the roads. >> good morning to you. we are off to a quiet start with no incidents to report on the beltway between college park and bethesda. had reports of a deer in the highway though along eastern avenue down near kenilworth avenue. no sign of our friendly deer but traffic volume building south of 50 out towards pennsylvania avenue. new york avenue looks good northeast to northwest. coming in off the 66, volume is building in manassas. the pace
not just saying because long tree, i think bull run and the second manassas is the second manassas if you go to the park its of the manassas battlefield was the masterpiece and what did it is combine a strategic or operational offensive in the march around john pope and once they got in the battlefield of second manassas they assumed the tactical defensive until august august 30th, and in a counter attacks and came very close to destroying the union army of virginia because then you go down there and go to henry house hill and down below is this stone house where that intersection if they were to capture that post army would have been scattered all over and forced to surrender but they can close but never did. from the seven days of the beginning of july until the end of august, somehow this army the parts of it came together. this was a different army than the march on seven days. communication was much better. jackson had gotten out of whatever had bothered him or caused him to have a sub-par performance during the seven days she was the one that executed the law march. it's clearly bec
are continuing to develop and we'll keep you posted right here. >> manassas police are looking for a burglar who not only helped himself to a local business's electronics, but took a shower and a shave too. >> they're hoping he comes clean. >> i came to work and my son said, hey, dad, somebody broke in to the office through the kitchen window and took a shower and stole a whole bunch of stuff. >> reporter: for 16 years, cliff and his son have run an insurance agency out of this modest house in downtown manassas. there were never any problems until last friday morning. >> i said, he took a shower? i said, dad i called the police and the fellow had taken a shower, and yes, he shaved. >> manassas police came to the business to investigate a stolen laptop, stolen guns and a dirty bathroom. they say it could be part of a greater pattern, over the weekend there were several other businesses burglarized. all former homes in downtown manassas. close to the railroad tracks and a transient population. >> they're usually older buildings without alarm systems and surveillance. heavy overgrowth, trucks, tree
. look at the 50s. what a nice morning. 57 in winchester. manassas, good morning. you are 57 degrees. gaithersburg, frederick, too, in the 50s. a little warmer to the east. annapolis, 69 and in leonardtown, 66. not typical that in late june we are talking about overnight lows in the 50s with low humidity so this is going to be a nice one just like yesterday. we are expecting bright sunshine throughout the day and low humidity. satellite-radar, look how quiet that is. very quiet conditions here. off to the west, it is high pressure so out towards ohio and indiana, eastern kentucky, we don't have alet to show you because there is nothing out there but clear skies. that will be our weather for the next several days. we are in for a dry spell here as he with get into the weekend and a warm-up. high pressure off to the west moves off the coast. the wind shift off to the south. and here comes the heat just in time for the holiday weekend. 8 # today. another real nice one. winds out of the north. sunshine at 10. tonight, cool again, another beautiful night. light wind out there with clear s
to be okay. now, the manassas park city manager says that the pool's water system will be checked out this week to try to figure out exactly what went wrong. >>> now, nude suggestive photos surfaced on the internet of anthony weiner. this is some of weiner's constituents now demanding his resignation. we have the story from the congressman's home base in queens. >> at the time he was a councilman, he always was. >> did you know he voted to raise the debt? >> reporter: a protest turned into an argument on a public street sunday. many are demanding the congressman resign over his sexting scandal. >> how many do you have on your staff? >> i counted about 100. i would gladly hand out more if we had more. >> reporter: we snapped these pictures posted on tmz.com at the congressional gym. this one in the locker room, potentially adding to his ethic's problem. >> he's disgusting. and how about the fact that young kids could go on the computer and now download the genitals of the ninth district congressman anthony weiner? >> reporter: other constituents point to the strong record over the past
. and 75 in gaithersburg. 77 in fredericksburg and 77 in manassas. so not crazy hot. satellite picture radar combined, big thunderstorms, and they got hammered earlier. it's quiet now and what's left of those storms moving eastward. we'll see maybe a shower from this little complex. for the most part, they are weakening and not talking about anything severe here by any means tonight. maybe a stray shower tonight and maybe one tomorrow morning. in the meantime, we have a few clouds pushing through. we should be dry until about midnight. walk the dog, no problems. all right, still unsettled, then hot. cool tonight, some showers possible. isolated storms possible on tuesday. summer solstice tomorrow at 1:16. and heating up this week, the temperatures will max, no doubt about that. here's our future cast and tonight we are in good shape. we'll stop at 12:30 tonight, some showers appearing up to the north and west of us. notice it's green, so it's light. nothing crazy heavy. by morning, there could be some wet roads around parts of the metro area with light showers up 270. then we get into
, which means we have clear skies, lots of sunshine. right now in the mid 80s in downtown. manassas 84. frederick 84 degrees also. so for tonight, what can you expect? we're going to expect clear to partly cloudy skies and mild. open the windows if you want. lows will be 60 to 68 degrees. winds will be light. generally temperatures around 67 in downtown. 61 for manassas. 60 in frederick. it will be a cool start tomorrow morning. we'll talk about that heat wave and how long it lasts coming up a little later. derek. >> thank you annie. >>> they are bringing in the heavy machinery. we'll tell you about that. but first, church and state may need to be separate, but should they be equal? we'll be taking a look at that question a little later on in our show. stay with us. >>> back now with a look at the fields in the center of a lawsuit in arlington county. earlier this year when the county rejected a request by the washington archdiocese to install lights at the high school. now the archdiocese is suing. it says since the county did allow lights at other high schools, the archdiocese belie
degrees in downtown. official high was 88 degrees today. manassas 84. 86 degrees in frederick, hagerstown 83. the average high is in the lower 80s. so a few degrees above that. our satellite radar picture has been pretty quiet. dry, lots of sunshine with the high pressure in place, but the bermuda high is going to make things feel uncomfortable. the heat wave does return. nice and dry tonight. get outside if you can. get that run or bike ride in. tuesday morning, maybe some patchy fog. generally around the central shanendoa valley. and the heat and humidity on the rise. here's your future cast. dc, we're not worried about any shower and thunderstorms over the next 24 hours. maybe some clouds coming in by late afternoon tomorrow. i think we can see some spotty activity in the mountains tomorrow afternoon. also we're picking up storms to the far northeast of us. more toward baltimore tomorrow night, but the immediate dc area looks good. it will be a nice warm day. tonight clear to partly cloudy and mild. open the windows, lows will be 60 to 68 degrees. winds will be light. sunset at 8:30 to
tough at 112. manassas 103. gaithersburg around 98. leesburg 105. even out toward the west we are looking at stanton 91 degrees. so it is an unusually very hot day today. in fact, we broke a couple records. so hot but cooler soon. warm and muggy tonight. thursday hot and humid again. heat advisory until thursday night. then we do see a chance for some showers and thunderstorms getting into the forecast. so tonight clear and partly cloudy. warm an muggy. check out the lows tonight. mid-70s around dc. annapolis upper 70s. and in manassas 71 degrees. so not a whole lot of cooling. you want to get those air conditioners still going or at least find some relief if you can. in the morning partly cloudy, warm an muggy. don't forget your sun screen and sunglasses. temperatures in the 70s as you're starting out the day. in the afternoon, not a good day to take your lunch outside because hot and humid once again. air quality code orange. unhealthy for our sensitive group that includes young children, elderly and of course people with asthma. highs tomorrow 95 to 100 degrees. winds out
manassas..nuestro companero alfredo mirands presenta la primera parte de su investigacion a la que hemos llamad no es justo que una persona que solo porque es residente amenace a medio mundo.su marido abusaba de mi. en la ciudad de manassas virginia, estas dos mujeres, acada una a su turno, dicen haber sido victimas de abuso a manos de su propia tia.me tuvo trabajando en un par time de hacer liza en unos building, yo le daba los cheques a ella y me decía, tu me debes mucho dinero, tu tienes que pagar, yo haberte traído a este país.cuando ella dijo que nos podfia ayudar yo pensé que estaba saliendo de un brasero, para venir a ser libre a ee.uu. por el sueno americano, pero nunca me imagine que había sido un martirio vivir aquí.ellas ciden haber sido explotadas durasnte muchos anhos, bajo la amenaza de deportacioen caso de huir.me decía, si tu te vas de aqui, migracion te va a buscar, donde te enciuetras te va a buscar y te va a deportar a tu pais.vivian encerradasbaj o llave incluso una de ellas dice haber sido abusada sexualmente por el esposo de su opresora.entonces el vino,
, look at these numbers, 79 for d.c. 78 in manassas. 75 at winchester. nothing hot. lows tonight, cooling down into the 50s out in the suburbs including manassas at 56. winchester also 54. around downtown, in the lower 60s. so, here. >> your next three days. on this flag day, breezy at times. chance for some spotty light showers this afternoon and during the evening hours. otherwise, we'll see partly cloudy to mostly cloudy conditions. temperatures 79 degrees. wednesday looks really nice. dry, lots of sun into the lower 80s. then thursday, around 79 degrees. still mild but a better chance for showers and thunderstorms. here is your seven-day outlook. so, enjoy the colder weather. we warm up by friday. mid-80s, shower, thunderstorm possible. saturday looks pretty good. in the upper 80s. on saturday, we're back into the 90s. monday, we're on tap to warm up into the mid-90s. right now, the average high is 48 -- is 84 degrees or so. we'll be right back after the break. >>> june is health month. this week is ms. health week. so, we're going to talk about mint and why they don't like going to
it is coming tomorrow. all right, 85 downtown, 84 in manassas. some 60s in gaithersburg. a little bit cool. 82 in leesburg. 77 in hagerstown and 80 in martinsburg. satellite picture, radar combined. we'll zoom in just a little bit. a few showers, a couple of thunderstorms across parts of illinois. this is actually, you know, going to dive to the south of us. we'll be in pretty good shape over maine and the clear skies tonight with the clear skies and the low humidity, the recipe for a very cool, very comfortable night. and across the board, even inside the beltway. here is the deal, the rest of the ac, much cooler tonight, open up the windows. a fantastic friday for you. a little bit warmer on saturday. but not uncomfortable. still very nice. and for tonight, clear skies, breezy, much cooler, lows 50s to the 60s. and it could even be a little bit in the upper 40s if you go west of hagerstown. but again, even inside the beltway, it's comfortable. 60 in arlington, a far cry from the upper 70s just two nights ago. 54 in college park. 53 in bowie. even down to the south out here, you'll kind of sn
caught in that cross fire. >>> i'm peggy fox in manassas where a single working mom is nearly evicted because of a $0.40 pay raise. teresa hammons was ready to move, but what bothered her the most was what would happen to her 7-year-old son. she fought to move him out of a nursing home to her home, where for the last year and a half he has thrived. but a $0.40 raise from wal-mart was threatening to send him back as he pushed that financially-strapped family offbalance. >> who knew that it would be such a big deal to get that raise. >> reporter: she didn't see it in her paycheck because most of it went to taxes. social security did see it, however, and they cut his disability payment in half down to $367 a month. she had to pay the electric bill to keep her son alive, but got behind on the rent and was about to be evicted. >> you're looking at a woman who does everything right, single mom, works full time. how is it that she cannot make this work and she is being penalized for working? >>> i'm scott broom where today leslie johnson pleaded guilty to evidence destruction and witness tam
much across the board in very low humidity. good hair day. 77 in manassas. 79 downtown. 79 in leesburg and frederick. and 77 even up into cumberland. cool tonight. open the windows maybe not too far. lows 50s in the burbs. if you were out late tonight will you need a sweater. bring a sweater. we will talk about the forecast for the race for the cure and look ahead to the weekend. we will tell you which day will be better. >> thank you, topper. >>> still to come, taking their words of faith to the streets. we introduce you to this friday's heros. but first, the question on a lot of minds tonight. is she or isn't she? oh, the drama. how the national zoo is planning for a potential panda pregnancy. that's next. [ male announcer ] there's a new ride coming to busch gardens williamsburg -- mach tower. dude, it's like two hundred and... ...forty feet high... ...right in the middle of oktoberfest... ...the seats go, whoooa... ...up to the top, then... ...the music just stops. and the seats totally start shaking. it's insane. but then all of a sudden... [ group ] aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! [ male
at the temperatures. in the 60s here. low and mid-60s. manassas, culpepper. 58 right now up in hagerstown, maryland. richmond, 66. 68 in roanoke. this is some of the coolest air, folks, in more than a week, almost two weeks around here. high temperatures 80 to 82 degrees in d.c.f. you're krafling. 79 in philadelphia. 78 in new york. they're loving that cooldown. down south, still hanging out around 90 degrees in north carolina and south carolina too. what's going on is that area of high pressure that was over us yesterday still right over us but starting to make its way eastward. and as it does make its way eastward there is a weak weather front that's going to start to move in. so today we're fine. just high clouds moving in. tomorrow we'll see a few more clouds. by sunday, maybe a shower passing through the area. maybe even a thunderstorm. high pressure moving away. part of that system for saturday. still delightful and a really nice weekend. mainly dry for the whole weekend. afternoon, sunny and nice. fantastic with low humidity. we were in the upper 80s yesterday. low 80s today with a northwest
for fredericksburg and manassas. we think it will be 98 degrees in d.c., perhaps a little break at annapolis 94. the break may come with a round of thunderstorms. unfortunately it does look as though some of these storms tomorrow night might be on the strong side. there will certainly be plenty of water available in the atmosphere and a lot of energy. so maybe some big winds, hail and heavy downpours with any thunderstorms that may pop up in that very big heat we'll experience tomorrow, but definitely another day where you want to protect yourself and get away from the heat if you can for at least a while tomorrow. >>> the latest viral video triggering outrage and an apology, troops returning home from war forced to pay an airline baggage fee. delta's about face coming up next. >>> check out some of the other stories on our rundown. the news edge at 11:00 will be right back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00.  >>> a viral video showing just how quickly damage can be done to a company's reputation. the video began to spread this morning. within hours a major airline wa
in comparison. 64 for gaithersburg, 71 annapolis, eastern shore the 60s accident 63 degrees in manassas -- 60s, 63 degrees in manassas. some spots in the panhandle of maryland and west virginia into the 40s tonight, fredericksburg 57, leonardtown 59, in the district 61 with decreasing cloud and plenty of sunshine, back in the forecast for us tomorrow, but as you'll see on the five-day forecast showers and storms, parish early morning showers and a round of afternoon thunderstorms -- maybe early morning showers and a round of afternoon thunderstorms thursday. father's day warm, 806 degrees and just maybe a late shower after 7:00. we'll watch all of those trends and you want to come back and see what dave feldman has to say. he was talking to phil mickelson about the open and he'll have those highlights when we return.  >>> good evening. 111th u.s. open begins on thursday at congressional. tomorrow phil mickelson, bubba watson and davis love, iii will visit the white house and meet with president obama. phil and the president are lefty golfers. phil has won four major championshi
manassas. and it will lead to a great night for you, in fact, for tonight, clear skies, breezy, much cooler. open up the windows, give the ac a rest, low 60s to the 50s. we'll come back and take a look at our weekend forecast to let you know if it will be staying cool throughout the weekend. >>> we all know, picking the perfect name could be pretty tough, but still to come, some help that could make that decision for you. >>> but first, making the cut, we'll let you know if any local kids are advancing to tonight's national spelling bee finals. and the words to know up next. cw >>> c-r-t-i-o-r-a-r-i. [ applause ] >> that was a pretty tough one, but he knew it, becoming the final speller to be named the finalist in this year's spelling bee. the 13-year-old is one of the 13 kids who will compete for more than $40,000 in cash and prizes. now, that will go down later on tonight. >>> the chesapeake school system says they are taking some steps to keep offensive quotes from slipping into yearbooks. now, this all started with a quote that appears right next to the unidentified senior picture in th
. temperatures hovering around 89. 90 downtown. upper 90s in gaithersburg and manassas. frederick 90 and leesburg 90. let's factor in humidity because this is the temperature you feel when you go outside to do something. feels like 97 downtown. feels like 93 in gaithersburg. feels like it is 100 in fredericksburg. tomorrow it will be pretty similar through today. all right, let's talk about it. humidity continues. muggy night. just a slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm tonight. breezy and hot tomorrow. there is a cold front that will approach on friday. that's going to give scattered thunderstorms. some of those could be heavy and a few of those could be severe. so we will keep an eye on that on friday. for tonight, we are going to say just partly cloudy. muggy. isolated storm possible. primarily south of town. low temperatures between 70 and 75. winds south-southwest at 10. so for fredericksburg, manassas, you can walk the dog tonight. it will be hot when you walk the dog. mid-70s inside the beltway. 75 arlington. 75 springfield. maybe you get to 70 in gaithersburg. low 70s in college park
on these storms between manassas down toward gold vein and put this into motion. over the next hour, is this where doppler is going to take them. take them right across cromwell and headed toward waldorf. this is up to the next hour. so they hold together. they may end up producing small hail. they certainly will produce some rain fall rates of 1 to 2 inches per hour. temperatures really shot up today. 94 downtown. still 93 at this hour in rockville and still 88 in gaithersburg. 89 in great falls and 89 in springfield. cooler out in fairfax. we have a cold front moving through. big storms are possible until 9:00, 10:00, a dry morning commute. a wonderful wednesday and real hot holiday weekend. it's going to be heating up big time by saturday, sunday, and the 4th. shower or thunderstorm possible tonight until midnight. some heavy, some severe. low 65 to 72. winds northwest at 10 to 15. more comfortable tonight. maybe not quite comfortable enough to shut the ac off, but it will be tomorrow night. 71 downtown. 69 in college park. 69 in waldorf. a wee bit cooler to the west. 57 in reston and 66 in lee
and west of the city. down towards 66, manassas, dale city. some of this might move through the bethesda, potomac region here. again, this will be very light, kind of sporadic shower activity here for the morning hours t will likely fill in a little later this afternoon as we have a cold front approaching from the west and that can spark off more numerous showers and thunderstorms. so bottom line here is much of the day will be dry. i think about between 8:00 and 4like today -- and 4:00 today, we should be dry. humidity, 68%. your winds out of the south at five miles per hour. forecast today, not quite as nice as yesterday. still not bad. highs in the upper 70s with the cloud cover around. showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast later today. culpeper, 76. manassas, 77 for the daytime high. >> let's see how the roadways are looking out there. let's check in with julie wright. >> good morning to you all. so far, so good. no incidents reported along 95 or 295. to help us check out that drive, the crew if sky fox with us again this morning as you continue southbound on the bw parkway
now from manassas, hay market, 56. also in baden and 54 at andrews, while alexandria, 65 and at national, 63 and our ice today range from the upper 70s in montgomery county to around 82 here in town and also in brandy wine. it's 6:01. angie goff? >>> you like a friday night. we always wish for that on a friday and so far, so good. up fortunately, i'm not going to -- unfortunately, i'm not going to give you your weather. on to the traffic cameras and we're doing all clear out there. that's why we keep the green light on. a wide view of everything, everyone is checking out okay on 95. still looking at a clear commute out of fred ricksburg out of the mixing bowl. we are moving at speed. let's take a wide screw of the area again another roadway in virginia. 66 headed eastbound all is great this morning. so far, no major construction. no major incidents to report. outside they are moving well clear example out of manassas through centreville as drivers make their way inside the beltway. 95 if you're traveling it southbound -- still ahead, a look at your beach traffic this f yo
run and manassas degree in fact, it is really the second manassas. if you go to the park is manassas battlefield. grizzlies masterpiece. combined a strategic or operational offensive around john pope. they assumed the tax bill defensive until august the 30th. then it would counterattack. they came very close to destroying the army of virginia. then you go down there. henry house will. down below it is a stone house. it is where the work turned. if they were to capture that pubs army would have been scattered all over. he would have been forced to surrender. they came close but never did. from the seven days at the beginning of july until the end of august some of this army to all parts of it came together. this is a different army. the communication was much better. jackson had gotten out of would never have bothered him or costa and to have a subpar conformance during the seven days. he was the one that executed the flag marched. forestry is clearly becoming a solid wing commander. but he and jackson. in that sense it is in many ways the masterpiece even the chancellorsville is cons
in sterling. manassas, 70. 76 in quantico. we'll see a high temperature of 97 degrees. 85 at 9:00 a.m. this morning. we'll have hazy sunshine throughout. i think by noon, 93. heading up to 97. those storms any time between 1:00 and 6:00 p.m. today. the most intense storms between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. today. some of the storms could be bringing very high winds, damaging winds and the possibility of large hail with warm air down below and cooler air aloft. let's head over to jerry edwards and get a look at traffic. >> certainly more volume than we saw yesterday at this hour on interstate 66 out of manassas. pretty good trip to the capital beltway. just starting to see a little bit of a delay. not a solid backup. it's beginning to be a slow roll from the west. head over to i-270 southbound. same story. a little more volume than yesterday frederick to clarksburg. arlington. north carling remains closed. investigation continues. a little bit of a detour through the neighborhood set up. headed out to catch a train this morning. good news for metro, vre. no delays at this point. two delays o
of cool spots out there right now. 48 degrees. just dropped 2 degrees in mt. airy and frederick. manassas, warrenton, 57. culpepper, 54. generally around 60 degrees throughout the area. 59 in philadelphia. travel plans there. 48 in pittsburgh. down south, north carolina, south carolina has been in the low 70s here the early part of the day this morning. that's where the heat is going to be. temperatures above 90 degrees. for our area, even cooler than we were yesterday. high of 88 degrees. today, 80 to 82 degrees. philadelphia, probably only getting up to 79. we'll have clear skies around the area thanks to this system. it's high pressure. today it will start easing off to the east. we might find a mostly sunny sky. high clouds start to filter on in. let's take a look at the next 48 hours and see what we can expect around the area. high pressure moving out. sunshine. terrific conditions for today. blue blobs that you see is a chance of rain. it's not going to be very much coming our way the next 48 hours. for saturday, clouds on the increase. sunshine will turn over to a partly sunny day.
the storm just to the south and east of the manassas area. right around david's crossing, around the elk run area. we're going to move on this storm up toward the north and east around aidan and lake jackson. the storm moving a little to the north and east. dale city, it should be around your area in the next hour or so. this is a very slow moving storm, and it does have a lot of lightning, look at the lightning strikes over the last half hour or so, a tremendous amount of light thing really focusing on the eastern portions of faulkeer county. no severe thunderstorm warning on this, lightning is not a warned event. you should be inside as this storm continues to make its way off to the east. i'll have complete details on this and what else will happen coming up. >> thank you, doug. >>> the legalization of same sex marriage in new york is reverber ating in maryland. pressure is mounting for governor o'malley to play a bigger role in this battle when it comes up again. the new york state legislature narrowly approved same sex marriage and governor cuomo is getting credit for his leadership. lo
in from manassas through vienna. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> we are following breaking news this morning. a shooting at hains point. officials say a man was sitting in a car by himself when u.s. park police officers approached the vehicle. the man jumped out holding a gun. officers told him to drop the weapon and then they opened fire. man was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. but he is expected to survive. >>> it took a judge's court order but former mayoral candidate sulaimon brown finally testified before d.c. council that he was paid off for verbally taxing adrian fenty. the hearing got heated at times though. audrey barnes live at the wilson building with the highlights. >> reporter: good morning t didn't start out as a showdown but it certainly became one. sulaimon brown showed the councilmember money orders that he says were given to him to help then mayoral candidate convincement gray win the election. he says the proof that he was paid off. he specifically blamed lorain grenieri and howard brooks in ad
in annapolis. 76degrees down in quantico. frederick, maryland is at 73. manassas, 72. in cambridge, maryland,ments 70 degrees. we are actually at a slight risk for severe thunderstorms later on today. that would be late in the afternoon and during the evening hours as we could see a system that is up to our north and west push through here. your day planner for today, a hot one, heat advisory goes into effect at noon, hot, hazy, humid, sunny, highs today into the upper 90s. i do think we'll set a few pore records here and there across the region. we are looking for a high actually in d.c. of about 99 degrees. so we'll have more on that coming up in just a little bit. >> i like how you emphasize each one of those words. >> hot, humid, drive it home. >> just so you know. >> let's check approximate julie wright. it is a treadmill day today. >> i think you're right on this one. i think you're right. on the beltway, you will fine the crew in sky fox, we september them out to check for a car fire. so far -- we sent them out to check on a car fire. so far, nothing has popped up now. 95 coming south
along because of the intense heat. stonewall middle school in manassas, virginia will be closed today. the school building doesn't have any air conditioning. they will cancel class today. >>> metro is also battling the extreme heat with no air conditioning. a number of trains have been without ac, 30 yesterday alone. the transit agency was working all night trying to get the trains ready for the commute. metro officials say it happens every year when there is a heat wave but it is no fun for fare- paying customers. >> it is so hot out here. it's shame we have to get on the train where it's hot. i think it's unfair. >> we were on the blue line going home to largo and there was no air on it. it was very hot. it was unbearable. >> metro says it is taking a little more time to get the hot cars back online this year because of the demand for parts. >> let's found out what to expect today. tony is with us once again this morning. a little bit of rain last night. did that cool things down at all. >> we have a little bit of relief today. we'll still see a warm day into the 90s but it won't be
and it is fairly mild and warm outside. we have 73 degrees at quantico. 72 at manassas. 70 degrees in hagerstown. 735 degrees at baltimore and 75 degrees at annapolis. well we are keeping a close eye still to the skies. let's take a look at radar because what we're dealing with is storms kicking up. here to the south, we are seeing a few thunderstorms here. to the north, a little bit through fredericksburg. rain fall here and some to the south of richmond. we are really still under the gun and still unsettled and in this pattern that doesn't seem to go anywhere. it's all associated with a frontal system. let's go back to our weather map. we are expecting to see this frontal system push its way through into the course of tomorrow and behind it we at least have some dryer air and some cooler air. but along the line of it, we are looking at seeing storm chances for your sunday. keep your eyes to the skies and be careful. not a washout throughout the day, but we are looking at seeing some of this popup. here's at 12:00 noon today. we have activity here. a little bit of a break and by the time we get
humano,que se estaria realizando en la ciudad de manassas. tenemos los testimonios de las victimas de esta actividad. invitamos a nustra audiencia a seguirnos en nuestros el tema de afico humano, hoy el gobernador de virginia bob mcdonell convirtio en ley un proyecto destinado a combatir el trafico de personas..la normativa contempla una proteccion para las victimas de este delito si quieren testificar contra los traficantes..en la mayoria de los casos estos traficantes de personas inducen a sus victimas mujeres a la prostitucion y a los hombres a la esclavitud haciendoles trabajar por miseras pagas y hacinandoles en lugubres viviendas..si usted conoce de casos de esclavitud y trafico humano pongase en olicia estatal de virginia a acusado al conductor del autobus que volco causando la muerte de cuatro personas y dejando heridas a mas de 50, en lky express se dirigia de greensboro, carolina del norte, al barrio chino de la ciudad de nueva york cuando se salio del camino, golpeo contra un terraplen y volco... los heridos fueron llevados a hospitales de richmond y la zona de fredericksbu
degrees. manassas, 64. annapolis, 72 at this hour. look at the satellite-radar. we'll show you we do have some clouds out there. some storms yesterday afternoon and evening. as the day progresses, we'll see more and more sunshine, a pretty day for today. forecast for today looks like this. sunny skies, much cooler, a pleasant day, high around 82 degrees and breezy. not bad at all. more on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. >>> some of the top stories this morning, the nephew of maryland congressman elijah cummings shot and killed during a home invasion dear old dominion university. police say someone broke inside the apartment on west 4 #nd street early friday and gunned down christopher cummings and his roommate. the roommate has life- threatening injuries. >>> in prince george's county, police are looking for a driver who hit and killed a man on a motorcycle in riverdale. investigators say an suv hit 31- year-old della von beam early saturday morning and then just took off. police think it was a lincoln navigator like this one you see here and likely has damage t
ridge and the bay. temperatures around region right now -- let's look at a few of them. 97 in manassas, 98 degrees in baltimore, and when you factor in the relative humidity, this is what it feels like. 107 degrees in manassas and the district. 107, two in the district -- 107, too, in the district. ellum little bit of a break out west. yesterday there were showers and thunderstorms. still 90's in pittsburgh. it pushes up to chicago. interesting to check up at minneapolis. 96. yesterday was 103 degrees. cooler air is on the way. the heat is going to make its way east word as this ridge of high pressure continues to hold firmly. it is pushing over top of this bridge. -- ridge. we could see a couple areas of thunderstorms beginning to approach. then a cold front is going to push down during the day on friday. we have a better chance for storms on friday. the weekend chance totally hinges on this front, and the secondary cold front sweeps through on sunday. you see there will be chances of showers and storms. it is going to be tough. it will climb to the 92-degree mark by midday tomorrow.
. interstate travel good even though the volume is increasing. 66 in manassas and 95 out of stanford. 95 northbound and southbound between washington and baltimore is quiet. westbound 215 at ridge road, accident documentation is complete. this is a live picture of traffic across the wilson bridge. a beautiful morning. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 5:41, 61 degrees. >> a close call for toward spelling how she crossed her car into a school-- crashed. >> airlines made billions starting you to fly with extra >>> welcome back. checking our top stories on this tuesday morning, police have arrested the men who murdered at arlington fitness center employee more than a year ago. 20-year-old roger clark iii, of severn, maryland, and 24-year- old javon martin, of d.c. they killed 57-year-old carl diener. his family and friends still don't know why he died. >>> some republicans wanting to take on president obama gathered for their first debate in an amateur last night. seven participants attacked president obama's record on the economy, health care, and other issues. >>> prosecutors may be close to
is responsible for setting fire to a church building in manassas. we are live from that fire scene in manassas with home video you will see only here. >> bob ryan talked about a wild night, and this is what happened. this is what happens when lightning hits a piece of history. >> seconds after a lightning bolt struck outside his house he captured these images. >> never have i seen one with such an explosion. >> the fire department arrived. it shows the instant devastation after the lightning strike. >> it was like a flash. >> what did it look like? >> like a bomb. >> parishioners and neighbors came to marvel at the destructive force of nature. >> it is really bad. >> everyone is grateful no one was hurt. in just a few days, this historic camp will be filled with people. >> 300, 400 people will be on the ground and probably 100 children. >> this building was bought -- was killed 100 years ago by church members. lightning stole this and mementos stored on inside. those who worship here say this event serves as a reminder. >> dodd makes everything, and he makes the weather so he must have a good
's in the metro corridor and in the '60s and manassas. the dew point temperatures is the true measure of moisture in the air and that will be in the 50's to around 60 and as comfortable as it gets in the summertime. mostly sunny today and becoming less humid with a nice breeze, highs in the mid 80's. few minutes, we will highlight what the weather conditions are likely to be if you head out for the fourth of july weekend. >> thank you so much. >>> southbound on i-270 coming out of frederick into urbana, an accident was south of rte. 80 and everything was moved onto the shoulder. this is the pace of traffic leaving 15 and i-70 onto 270 southbound, it will be a long ride to get into high its town. hyattstown. all lanes are blocked on the baltimore-washington parkway after powder mill road. >> thank you so much. we will check back and a little bit. the time is 6:43 and 71 degrees outside. >> state-owned, [ mr. cl per ] i don't talk to them as much as cindy does... good morning chickens! [ jim ] you know, that's our business so we want to be the experts in chicken. we're not the st
it because longstreet, bull run or second manassas come in fact it is really second manassas. if you go to the park it's the manassas battlefield, was lee's masterpiece. what he did was combine a strategic or offensive, march around john pope and once they got in the battlefield they assumed the tactical defensive until august the 30th, and then went to counterattack. and came very, very close to destroying the union army of virginia. if any of you go down there and go to henry house bill, down below it there's a stone house with the war -- across the road, the intersection. if they would've capture that pokes army would have been scattered. many would've been forced to surrender but they came close but they never did. from the seven days, the beginning of july and till the end of august, somehow this army, parts of the came together. this was a different army then marched in seven days. communications was much better. jackson had gotten down, whatever cost and have a subpar performance during the seven days, he was the one that executed the march around. longstreet is clearly becoming
, delays from manassas up to this point. this is traffic from fair oaks. the accident off the road to the shoulder. inner loop before 66, stalled car reported in the roadway. suitland parkway to south capital street heavy. and slow at ft. palmer to washington road. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> our top story this morning, more trouble for the man who sparked a security square. >> they have linked him to several military shooting at installations this year. stacy cohan is live with the latest. >> reporter: and good morning. and last friday was quite a security scare. this man was found wandering around the pentagon and carrying a suspicious backpack and now they believe he is connected to the series of shootings last fall. he is 22 and he is a native of ethiopia. you may remember the shootings in the washington area military buildings and that includes the museum of the marine corp in quantico and a coast guard recruiting and marine corp recruiting center, all of them fired upon and bullets striking buildings. and no one was hurt but ballistics evidence links th
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